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Updated: 2015-08-31 16:52:02

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CHINCA represents and expresses the common will of China’s international contracting and labor service industry. CHINCA participates in the making of the relevant laws and regulations, industrial policies, technological standards and development plans,and conveys the proposals from members to the government . CHINCA represents the industry in international exchanges and engagement to maintain and protect the legal rights and interests of the members and the workers.
CHINCA exercises self-discipline over the industry and maintain operation order. CHINCA establishes rules and conventions of the industry, promotes the development of industrial credit system and social responsibility, safeguards national interests and preserves business order to ensure a fair play.
CHINCA provides professional service to meet the demands of our members. CHINCA conducts research over the industry, offers service of information, consulting and training, guides the enterprises in problem-solving, and organizes market research and expansion events.
CHINCA reinforces international communication and promotes cooperation with our and our members’ foreign counterparts. CHINCA represents the industry in international federations, attends relevant international conferences and establishes contacts with other international, regional and national organizations.
CHINCA performs other duties entrusted by the government, required by the members and requested by the development of the industry.