Take advantage of technology resources and create environment-friendly and energy-saving products

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Updated: 2016-07-27 16:01:16

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and is a large-scale international leading enterprise group, mainly engaging in construction curtain wall, elevator manufacture, mechanical and electrical equipment, wind power generation, integrated windows & doors and environmental engineering. At present, it is the largest curtain wall manufacturing company in the world and the largest elevator manufacture company in China. The company has formed four manufacturing bases located in Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu and Foshan. The Group has owned 22 subsidiary companies and sixteen thousand employees. Presently, its distribution network covers more than 30 countries and areas.
1. Background
In recent years, as global environmental protection awareness rising, more and more clients’ requests on the environmentalfriendly and energy-saving performances of the construction have also been raised. Actively responding to the clients’ needs, during the implementation of international contracting projects, the company developed the environmental-friendly and energy-saving technology of photovoltaic curtain wall and solved the low energy efficiency problem of traditional curtain wall.

2. Measures
Mobilize Technology and Resources to Solve Cutting-Edge Problems

In overseas projects, clients had many demands for project construction. For example, application of solar thermal collection system on construction curtain wall, mass use of LED photovoltaic curtain wall on top of buildings, application of automatic operating windows on lighting roofs, installation of sun-shading louvers, etc. All these problems involved the most advanced technology in world curtain wall construction. The company mobilized all technology resources to conduct research and development to ensure that clients’ needs would be met.
Stick to Self Innovation, Develop Environmental-Friendly Products
Photovoltaic curtain wall is a new construction curtain wall with all functions of generating electricity, sound-proof, heatproof, safety and decoration. This curtain wall combines solar photovoltaic technology and curtain wall technology–absorbing mass solar power on the surface of the curtain wall during the day, giving off lights at night and transforming absorbed solar power into electric power–to realize power self-sufficiency of the whole building.
In international contracting projects, the company developed new technology of photovoltaic curtain wall with own intellectual property rights, which supplied power to buildings by using synchronization network photovoltaic-engineering system connecting photovoltaic energy system with grid. This system solved the problem of low energy efficiency of traditional curtain wall.
In this synchronization network photovoltaic-engineering system, the electric power could be freely adjusted between this system and the grid system. When the generated electric power is more than sufficient, the surplus power can be transferred into the grid system and when the generated electric power is insufficient, the grid system will cover the missing part. As the photovoltaic transformation rate of this system is high and the generated electric power is huge, storage parts such as battery array and charge-discharge controller are not needed any more. Therefore, the cost has been sharply reduced; the system is reliable, easy to use and maintain, which provides new method to save local energy.

3. Effect
In the process of overseas projects implementation, the company fully met clients’ needs and realized energy selfsufficiency of buildings, which not only helped clients save operation cost but also achieved environmental-friendly and energy-saving targets, realized the balance of economic profits and environmental benefits. The company has realized five “first in the world” by creating and developing the photovoltaic construction curtain wall. It won prominent achievement in terms of environmental-friendly and energy-saving and guided the technology of curtain wall construction to be more applicable, environmental-friendly and energy saving, which raised the competitiveness of the company in international project contracting and provided strong technology support for further exploration of overseas business.
4. Outlook
The energy-saving performance of photovoltaic curtain wall complies with the needs for current sustainable development. As the further reduction of production cost, photovoltaic curtain wall is expected to become strategic energy in 2030s and important energy supply in 2050s for its the technology, cost and environment advantages.