Upgrade environmental protection technology and build “green channel”

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Updated: 2016-08-12 14:41:24

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China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. was founded in 1980 and is an export-oriented state-owned enterprise focusing on basic infrastructure construction. The company is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. and conducts business among international contracting market on behalf of China Communications Construction Company Ltd., has 31 overseas branches and offices with business activities covering more than 70 countries and areas.
1. Background
In February 2010, the company won the bid for the engineering design and construction of transportation improvement project of Tuen Mun Road central part. This project was located in the city center, and the project was an important project to improve the road network of New Territories (N.T), Hong Kong, coping with the problem of transportation increase of northwest of N.T and trans-border areas, improve the living environment of Tuen Mun district with low-carbon and environmental protection concept. Therefore, this project was focus of public attention and thus required a higher demand on the environmental protection technology.

2. Measures
Facing a higher demand of environmental protection, only by continuously improving the project environmental protection technology could the company achieve an ideal construction effect, meet clients’ demands and win the construction opportunities. The company took a series of innovative measures:
Optimize Environmental-Friendly Design and Win the Construction Opportunities
To achieve a higher environmental protection standard for the project, the company conducted many technology researches in optimizing the appearance of sound-proof protective screen and greening design during the design stage and tried to integrate the outlook design of protective screen into the surrounding environment, to reduce the bad impact of sound-proof protective screen structure on environment and visualization. By the joint efforts of different partners, the company won the bidding and obtained the project implementation opportunity.
Identify Key Technology and Focus on Key Construction Point
After the analysis, the company had identified three environmental technology points of the sound-proof protective screen and sound-proof shield. First, using recycling wastes (prawn and crab carapace) as organic fertilizer with lasting nutrient, which did not contain heavy metals and chemical addictives, could have function of killing eggs of underground nematodes, anti-fungus, anti-mildew, and improving plants’ immunity towards pathogenic bacteria. Second, perennial (short, grow slowly and long growing period), less needed for maintenance (pruning, weeding, watering and fertilizing) plants would meet requirements of light-resistant, heat-resistant, drought-resistant, wind-resistant and shade-enduring. Third, the company used solar intelligent wireless spraying control system. By using the solar automatic sectional drainage system, the company effectively reduced the amount of water for irrigation and controlled the distribution of water resources. By automatic cleaning and filtering facility, anti-backwater control and wireless, the company has realized the remote control. All the measures mentioned above have reflected the the company’ consideration towards surrounding environment and thus increased the competition of the project bidding.Integrate Multi-Advantages to Improve the Comprehensive Effect
To build a modern and beautiful sound-proof protective screen, the company regarded the landscape, environmental protection and green project concept as the key design points and extensively adopted natural lights with transparent and light structure design to increase the space sense of drivers in the sound-proof shield. The overall design had achieved good balance in transparency and green element, which not only improved the penetration of sunlight and saved the energy consumption of lights but also improved the greening effect.
3. Effect
By implementing relevant environmental-protection measures including providing roughly 10,000-square-meter vertical greening sound-proof protective screen and soundproof shield with theme design, roughly 20,000-squaremeter greening cover and district plantation plan, etc., it will effectively alleviate the traffic jam situation of Tuen Mun center, Hong Kong, reduce the impact of traffic noise to the citizens living nearby and bring in new environmentalprotection elements for this community. The environmentalprotection characters of this project won the good remarks by the Hong Kong government and thus the company not only smoothly won the construction opportunities but also established a good corporate image in the local, created good atmosphere for its business development in Hong Kong.
4. Outlook
After completion of the project, nearly all main roads of the whole city center will be covered with sound-proof protective screen and shield, turning the transportation facilities into a big fresco with environmental protection function, building a relaxing environment for automobiles passing through these parts and making a pleasant driving experience. With the smooth progress of this construction project, it is beneficiary for the company to further expand Hong Kong construction market and promote the sustainable development of its Hong Kong business.