Integrate green concepts in the construction process

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Updated: 2016-08-15 09:46:52

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China International Water & Electric Corp. is an exclusivelyinvested subsidiary company of China Three Gorges Corp., and its precursor was the foreign development aid organization by former Ministry of Water Conservancy and Electric Power. Since 1955, CWE has been undertaking and organizing water conservancy and electric power development aid projects and is one of the first eight corporations approved by China State Council to undertake international contracting projects. The company is in charge of development aid projects of water conservancy and electric power industry, import and export of complete equipment plant, international project contracting, international labour service, etc.

1. Background
Hong Kong Kwai Chung incinerator, one of the four biggest trash incinerators in Hong Kong, was built in the early 1970s and stopped being used in 1997. As the teardown of Hong Kong Kwai Chung incinerator and the clearing project included highly toxic, the clearing and the discard of chemical pollutant and teardown of chimney have been selected as high risk project by Civil Engineering and Development Department, Hong Kong SAR.
2. Measures
To reduce the environmental impact of the project as much as possible, the company took active measures in proposal selection, environment management, on-site monitoring and methodology innovation to ensure the green construction throughout the project.
Well Proposed Construction Scheme
The company took the safe, low-noise and environmentalfriendly chain mechanical cutting method to cut the ferroconcrete chimney, The cutting facility was imported from Germany and had been applied in Hong Kong building teardown for many years and thus the technology was mature. However, how to lift the facility was an important question. Considering comprehensively the lifting methods and construction safety, the company spent more than one year in raising and completing four construction schemes and finally chose one by risk assessment and design optimization. The final construction scheme solved the biggest project construction problem the company encountered in Hong Kong market. It was proved that this proposal was feasible, safe and environmental-friendly.
Environment Management
The company hired the “environmental protection specialist” approved by Hong Kong government to be in charge of environmental protection monitoring and implementation. Under the coordination of the “environmental protection specialist”, the company also hired professional specialists of “asbestos processing engineer”, “dioxin processing engineer” and “underground pollutant processing engineer” to become specifically responsible for implementation of relevant
industrial work. The “environmental protection specialist” drafted “monthly environment monitoring report” according to the work content and the monitored data and submitted it to the owner for consultancy and future reference.
On-Site Monitoring
At the beginning of project, the company hired a professional agency to monitor and record the basic environment data of the project and referred these data as “environmental protection baseline data”, including “noise baseline data”, “air baseline data” and “water quality baseline data”, to provide comparison of real-time data monitoring. Besides gathering regular monitoring data of the entire project monthly, the company also conducted examination of the three types of data in asbestos and dioxin processing district, compared with “environmental protection baseline data” to achieve the goal of environment monitoring. For the whole project, the environment monitoring data were all within the scope of “environmental protection baseline data” and didn’t surpass the limit.
Methodology Innovation
Asbestos handling and treatment of dioxin toxic carcinogens was the key content of the project and it was where the difficulty lies. Application of traditional methods of green construction is clearly unable to meet the needs, and thus the company created more environmental protection method. First is to collect dioxin materials mechanically. The company installed a set of mechanics to collect dioxin, which not only avoided the possible danger of people collecting dioxin above the ground but also succeeded in clearing the dioxin from the chimney. Second is to allocate waste water collection and emission systems. The company smartly allocated a series of waste water collection and emission system on the iron protection facility so that the waste water could smoothly go into the bottom of the chimney and reach the waste water collection and emission system.
3. Effect
During project implementation, the company paid attention to environmental protection and thus won good remarks from all walks of life in Hong Kong, established good corporate image.
Social Benefits Were Obvious. Due to the implementation of new methods, during the whole teardown process, it didn’t cause any negative impact to the surrounding environment nor nearby people’s lives. Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department held a press conference and gave a specific overall presentation of the project. They spoke highly of the implementation capacity and the responsible attitude of the company and planned to promote relevant construction technology and experiences in the industry.
Corporate image was stably improved. Contractor performance scores of the company stably increased from 46.43 at the first quarter of 2009 to 70.24 at the last quarter of 2009. This score was of high ranking in the Contractors’ single project score list by the Hong Kong government.
4. Outlook
In the future projects, the company will improve the environmental governance system , take advantage of the professional experience to create environmental protection technology, took the process-control method to reduce the environmental impact of construction, realize corporate green operation, avoid or reduce the environmental impact
of construction towards community and show the society a responsible corporate image, strive for excellence company image.