Utilize Technical Expertise and Repair Destroyed Bridge

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Updated: 2016-09-07 16:32:44

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China Road and Bridge Corporation, permitted by Stateowned Assets Supervision and Administration, originated from former China Road and Bridge (Group) Company with its performance and qualifications, is a large-scale, stateowned foreign-trade and economic-cooperation enterprise that focuses on construction of road, bridge, tunnel and port as primary operation. The company has established relevant branches in 45 countries and regions globally.
1. Background
On 27 July 2008, it rained in large area in the south of Togo, destroying many bridges of No. 1 road, among which a 60-meter bridge at K75 was totally crashed. Thus No. 1 road was interrupted, leading to the interruption of south and north transportation of Togo and necessities such as food, oil, coal inaccessible, cargos at port cannot be transported and the entreport trade was suspended, causing huge inconvenience to local people.

2. Measures
Set up Working Group to Discuss the Rescue Plan

On knowing that many bridges of No.1 road have been destroyed, the company rapidly gathered a group of experts, set up an emergency group, and sent them to No.1 road of Togo for an on-spot investigation of the destroyed bridges on 20 August 2008. According to the on-spot situation and taking account of both the construction time and project cost, the working group swiftly drafted a recovery plan for the destroyed bridges and conducted further discussion with technical staff from Togolese Department of Project. Finally it was confirmed by the Minister of Project. After the discussion of technical staff from both sides, the working group drafted a final proposal and quantity bill of bridges destroyed by the water and provided a detailed Rebuilding Proposal for bridges destroyed by the Water on Togo No. 1 Road.

Build Temporary Facilities to Make Convenience for Local Citizens
With the concept of “Special case, special solution”, the company rapidly arranged facilities and staff to start the repair work of three bridges on Togo No. 1 Road in January 2009. At the beginning of the project, to mitigate the transportation pressure caused by the disaster, within 12 days, the company worked through a temporary bridge and recovered the road and railway transportation before New Year and relieved the inconvenient transportation. To solve the problem of unavailability of drinking water , the company has also installed a set of water supply facility for local citizens, which has attracted extensive praise.
Manage Project Strictly to Guarantee Project Progress
During the project implementation, the company always put quality and safety as the top priority of project management, strictly controlled project implementation, conducted quality control to the whole process and meanwhile ensured the project progress as scheduled. By June 2009, all three bridges at 60 kilometers of Togo No. 1 road had been fully completed. Both the Togolese Prime Minister and the Speaker spoke highly of the project progress and quality when they conducted the project investigation. The whole project was completed and assessed by the middle of October, 40 days earlier than expected working schedule.

3. Effect
Help to Restore the Ordinary Production and Life for Local People. The recovery of the destroyed bridges revived the transportation capacity of No. 1 road, smoothed local export and entreport trade of the local community, made the ordinary local production and life stabilized and contributed to strengthening the friendly cooperation between China and Togo and the friendship among their people.
Successfully Expand Local Market. The project management level and the capacity reflected during repairing destroyed bridges won highly appreciation and trust of the local government. Based on this, taking account of the outcome from previous investigation survey on Togolese road transportation network, the company raised a feasibility report on comprehensive renovation project of No. 1 road and Lome city to Togolese Department of Project and Department of Transportation and won the authorization of project implementation, successfully expanding the local market.
4. Outlook
As a very important transportation junction and economy and strategic location of trade development, Togo owns the only deepwater port along western African coast and thus the market potential is huge. A series of measures of the company raised the image of the company among Togolese government and the local public, building a solid foundation to gain more market opportunities.