CHEC protects rare animals and plants

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Updated: 2017-03-20 15:50:46

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China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. placed emphasis on the protection of animals and plants in local communities. During the construction of Angola Lobito Project, the company signed long-term cooperation agreement with ADAMA, a local environmental protection association, made posters for multiple times and invited experts to teach local residents on how to protect endangered flamingos there. All these efforts were positively echoed by local residents. For every lecture, there were always a large number of people watching and listening.

Before the implementation of Guinea Simandou Iron Ore Wharf Project, China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. invited a British biologist to make on-site survey. To protect 44 discovered rare suffruticosa plants, the company adopted a spray system to control dust; set up dust monitoring stations to avoid impact on the growth of rare plants; designated personnel to regularly check their growth and keep records accordingly; identified and marked rare plants, applied fencing and prohibited people from entering rare plant reserve.