Establishing and improving of CSR system

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Updated: 2017-03-23 09:03:52

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Sinohydro Bureau 16 Company Limited fully recognized the significance of strengthening CSR work. Therefore, the company specially formulated CSR related documents including Strategic Planning on Social Responsibility, Ten Major Specifically Themed Actions on Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation Methods and Stakeholders' Participation Management Methods, which pinpointed the direction to fulfill social responsibility to effectively promote and regulate the overall CSR work of the company.

Strategic Planning on Social Responsibility specified the guidelines of CSR work on the basic principles of maximizing the comprehensive value, built the social responsibility model that combines internal and external efforts, classified the logical relationship of social responsibility management and pointed out eight key points of social responsibility management work and the action plan during 2013-2016; Ten Major Specifically Themed Actions on Social Responsibility proposed ten actions for enterprises, including operation management, product quality as well as rights and interests of the employees; Social Responsibility Performance Evaluation Methods served as guarantee for companies to fulfill their social responsibility; Stakeholders' Participation Management Methods provided guidance and regulations for stakeholders on participating in the management.