MCCO strengthens cooperation with Tsinghua University


Updated: 2017-03-29 11:08:56

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On Aug.23rd and 24th, 2016, interchange activities are held to better communication between MCC Overseas and IMPA students (Master of Public Administration in International Development) from Tsinghua University. IMPA program is designed for government officials from developing countries to learn successes and failures of China’s development experience and focuses on enhancing cooperation and exchanges among those countries. Almost 20 students present at the interchange mainly come from 13 countries in Africa and South-East Asia countries, such as Ghana, Algeria, Malawi, Cambodia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nepal etc.

Two sessions are held with each day having ten IMPA students so that they could have enough time to exchange ideas and thoughts. With well-made presentations, IMPA students introduce their countries from social, economic, political, tourism and employment perspectives, which give MCC Overseas a straightforward and clear impression about their countries. One of the IMPA student said, “I am very much impressed by how internationalized MCC Overseas is and how motivated they are to pursue excellence. And I am very much honored to introduce my country to them”. Employees from MCC Overseas, on the other hand, share with the session their work experience in MCC Overseas. After that, Zou Weimin, chairman of MCC Overseas greets IMPA students with warm words and invites them with sincerity to visit or work in MCC Overseas, which brings the session toward a climax.

2016 is the 5th year when MCCO and Tsinghua University held strategic cooperation since 2012, and co-cultivated 262 IMPA students from 71countries. Various activities offers them more knowledge about Chinese opening-up policy, central enterprises’ going-out and social responsibilities, as well as MCC’s main business as well as spirit. MCCO is striving to explore Africa, an important part of the “One Belt and One Road”, and construct favorable channels, platform and distribution.

The interchange activity is strongly supported and assisted by General Manager Office, the First and Second Marketing Department, MCC Overseas Malaysia, MCC Overseas Cambodia, and the Party Committee Office.