CSCEC:Build Outstanding Livelihood Projects

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Updated: 2015-08-28 16:49:57

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Abstract: To respond to the call of Algerian government, the company actively took the less profitable government-sponsored “affordable housing” project and finished it on schedule with high quality. While mitigating the problem of housing shortage, promoting local economic development and social stability, the company set up a brand of quality project, promoted the expansion of company’s business and achieved a sustainable development in Algeria.


China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited., formally established on 10 December 2007, was co-initiated by four enterprises: China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Baosteel Group Corporation Ltd. and Sinochem Corporation. China Construction, inherited all the choice assets, with a business scope ranging from housing construction, international project contracting to real estate development and investment, infrastructure construction and investment, surveying and designing etc. So far, it has contracted more than 5,000 projects in over 100 countries and regions.

1. Background
In recent years, with the economic development, the population of Algeria has been continuously expanding and thus the housing shortage problem is worsening. To solve this problem, the Algerian government developed a large-scale plan of building economically affordable houses. However, as the profit of this kind of projects is meager, many European or American companies were reluctant to take it. But, the company actively responded to the call of local government and undertook the project, which promoted the development of local society.

2. Measures

High Quality Management to Achieve Low-Cost and High-Efficiency
The company always sticks to the operation strategy of “compete with low cost and manage with high standard” to effectively control the cost. During the process of project design and implementation, the company had a deep and detailed communication with owners and selected Chinese construction materials that met the requirement of owners and supervisors and were up to European standard. Price advantage and quality service, made the owners change the idea of using the facilities and materials from western countries, which thus lowered the cost. As to the technical support and after-sale service, the company kept a effective communication with material suppliers to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Build Outstanding Project
To build high quality housing project, the company not only used local quality standards but voluntarily implemented the process according to the higher Chinese and European standards for a high quality housing project. In the planning of the housing project, the company introduced a French design institute to optimize the design of the 15,000 units of social welfare housings. In the design of the community, the company conducted the overall planning and incorporated housing, business and outdoor facilities into a complete system.

Localization of Staff Management
The company voluntarily conducted the localization of staff and paid attention to local staff training. During the project implementation, the company took on more than 500 Algerian sub-contracting teams, recruited more than 1,000 local managers and technicians and hired more than 10,000 local workers in total.

3. Effect
Improve Local Housing Conditions. Taking up the Algerian indemnificatory housing project, the company not only helped alleviate the tense housing situation and improved the living conditions, but also helped enhance the economic development and stability of local society.

Since 2001, the company has taken up the housing projects of 61,748 units in total, adding up to roughly 6 million square meters, located in 14 provinces in Algeria. Stringent construction guaranteed the security of the lives and property of local citizens. On 21 May 2003, the district 60 kilometers to the east of Algeria was hit by a violent earthquake of magnitude 6.9. Many buildings collapsed or were severely damaged during the earthquake, but those built by the company remained intact, which won a good reputation in the local.

Expand Business scale. Building high quality projects helped the company achieve a leaping development in local business and now the company’s business covers many areas such as social housing, public building, infrastructure, etc. The company has become the biggest housing contractor in Algeria and the projects such as Houari Boumedienne Airport, Sheraton Hotel and new office building for Ministry of Foreign Affairs have all become the landmark buildings in this area.

4. Outlook
The company always believes that implementation of social responsibility and corporate development can complement each other. By repaying the society, the company has won the support from citizens and praise from owners and thus expanded the cooperation channels. The business development, then, encouraged the company to return more to the society. While chasing after economic benefits and self development, the company will actively give returns to the society and make contribution to the sustainable development of local economy and society.