MCC Overseas (Malaysia) Wins Bid for Paragon 3 Affordable Housing Project, Malaysia

(By MCC Overseas )

Updated: 2017-06-16 08:50:12

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On June 9th, MCC Overseas (Malaysia) won the bid for Paragon 3 Affordable Housing Project, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, whose developer is PARAGON MASTERY Group.

Located in the southern part of Puchong District, the project covers an area of 8 acres and it is planned to construct three 45-storeyed buildings and two 47-storeyed buildings, which could accommodate 2499 apartments in total. With a construction area of 350,000 square meters, the construction is scheduled to last for 39 months.

The successful signing of the said project marks a breakthrough that MCC Overseas (Malaysia) has made in affordable housing. It also lays solid foundation for MCC to enhance its brand recognition and competitiveness in this field.