Boomerang to provide robotic parking technology for housing project in Illinois

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Updated: 2015-07-29 17:34:43

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Fully-automated robotic parking systems designer and manufacturer Boomerang Systems has agreed to deliver 240 parking spaces using RoboticValet Parking System to a student housing project on East Green Street in Champaign, Illinois, US.

This 16-story East Green Street parking project will mark the first fully automated robotic parking system in Illinois.

Boomerang's RoboticValet system is a patent-pending fully-integrated automated parking technology that includes robotics, software and hardware.

The system comprises robots that drive on concrete slab floors without the use of a rail or track and transport vehicles to and from parking spaces using an automated guidance system, eliminating ramps and significantly reducing the number of driving aisles.

The technology also lowers carbon emissions electricity usage for ventilation and lighting as cars will be shut off before being parked.

In addition, it allows the East Green Street developer to reduce the parking garage space and provide the amount of resident living space.

Boomerang Systems CEO Mark Patterson said: "We believe our technology is ideal for student housing projects in environments where space is at a premium and where the market places high value on safety and modern building technology that offers environmentally friendly solutions."

The company is engaged in marketing, designing, engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing its own line of fully automated parking and self-storage systems.