Karamay to build Xinjiang's largest recycling industrial park

(By chinca)

Updated: 2015-09-02 17:42:02

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Chinese oil city Karamay plans to build a recycling park this September, the largest one in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region after its completion, said Li Jianhua,chief of the Karamay Petrochemical Park Investment Bureau.

According to project chief Huang Shiyong: "This project was built by Karamay Baihui Investment Developing Company and settled down in Karamay Petrochemical Park in 2014. With an area of 22,950 square meters and a total investment of 505.91 million yuan ($79.34 million), the industrial park is mainly composed of recycling companies that focus on nonferrous metals, waste iron, waste paper and other materials."

The project plans to build a factory building, integrated services building, waste water treatment station and a renewable resources information platform. In Karamay it will build 100 recycling nets, eight sorting centers and one distributing market

"After the project is finished, the industrial park will have the capacity to recycle 800,000 tons of resources each year, and 600,000 tons will be processed and put into use, approximately 75 percent. It will recycle 100,000 tons of equipment per year, 400,000 tons of iron and steel scrap of which it can sort 50,000 tons per year and recycle 50,000 tons of waste plastic per year," said Huang Shiyong.

So far, Baihui Company is preparing to begin construction in September. "We will try to build the Karamay Resources Recycling Economy Industrial Park within the shortest time. We aim for the park to be the best recycling industry park in Northwest China," said Li Jianhua.