• Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant The Tianwan Nuclear Power Station Project with 8 nuclear power units installed is so far the largest technological and economic cooperation project between China and Russia.

  • Lubango Stadium in Angola The Lubango stadium which owned by department of finance and public works covers an area of 240,000㎡

  • Road of Kenya Project Name:Road of Kenya Scale:53.166KM


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China Mingsheng Drawin Technology Group Ltd, a Hong Kong-based investment holding company and a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, launch...


In the warm applause, President Luo Tao handed over a check of 270,000 Kwacha (equivalent to US$50,000) to the First Lady and UBUTALA UBWA...

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About credit ratings

China International Contractors Association(CHINCA)started to evaluate International Contractor & Foreign Labor Service Corporation Credit ratings, about 500 enterprises had participated in the first evaluation and recheck of the credit ratings.Read More

  • China amends regulations on environment in construction projects

  • Chinese companies fulfill social responsibilities globally: report

  • 2012 Winners List of Chinese International Contractors CSR Performance

  • Collection of Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Chinese International Contractors

  • Social Responsibility Report of Chinese International Contractors 2011/2012

  • Guide on Social Responsibility for Chinese International Contractors

  • Survey Report on Localization Practice of Chinese International Contractors in Africa 2013

  • list of gold&silver CSR awards of chinese contractors(2009)

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