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Pakrut Gold Mine, Tajikistan


Updated: 2017-07-10 09:51:04

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Kryso Resource Plc has 100% share in Pakrut Gold Mine in Tajikistan, which has mining rights over 63km2 of land. In June, 2010 Kryso published the result of JORC Resources Assessment by Snowden, which tells that the mine contains 93 tons of gold in terms of metal.
In August, 2010 CNMIM signed Investment Agreement with Kryso in London, in which CNMIM has 29.9% of share of the project and become its largest shareholder, participating in feasibility study, development and operation. Currently, the designing work has started, and it is expected that Pakrut Gold Mine will develop into a large-scale gold project integrating mining, concentrating and smelting.