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  • Investment in Power Stations


    CGGC has invested in more than 20 hydropower stations and thermal power stations

  • Tekeze Hydropower Station, Ethiopia


    Tekeze Hydropower Station is the largest Hydropower Station in Ethiopia. CGGC undertook the most difficult part with the highest technology content, that is, the double—curve thin—walled concrete dam.

  • Malabo Urban Sewage Treatment Project, Equatorial Guinea


    It is the largest and most advanced environmental protection project in Equatorial Guinea.

  • Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Train


    As the first high-speed rail that went into operation in Turkey, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed rail links the Turkish capital with the country's most populous city of Istanbul.

  • Malabo Urban Sewage Treatment Project, Equatorial Guinea


    Lagos Navigation Channel Dredging Project, Nigeria

  • CSCEC Awarded the Top Quality Prize of Moscow


    China Trade Center in Moscow covers a floor area of 125,000 square meters, and will become the headquarters base of Chinese enterprises involving the Belt and Road, and center of product exhibition, trade and information.

  • Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway


    The 752.7-km Ethiopia-Djibouti railway, also known as Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway, was constructed by China Railway Group and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation with a total investment of US$4 billion.

  • China-Laos Railway


    The China-Laos railway has a total length of 414.332 kilometers with over 62.7 percent of bridges and tunnels, linking Mohan-Boten border gate in northern Laos and capital Vientiane.