Construction of Huíla Dams to resume

(By chinca)

Updated: 2015-11-18 14:06:23

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The governor of Huíla province, João Marcelino Tyipinge, has said that construction of three new hydraulic dams in the Chibia, Lubango and Gambos municipalities will resume in 2016. The works had reportedly been suspended earlier in 2015 for financial reasons. The Arimba dam in Lubango will be 16m high and will provide 11mn cubic metres (cu m) of water to irrigate 2.3sq km. The 19m high Gambos dam, supported by a 25km dyke, will supply 400mn c m of water to an irrigable area of 110sq km. The Quihita dam in Chibia will supply more than 300mn c m of water to a 150sq km area. The dams are reportedly part of an emergency relief programme to counter the drought that has affected the region, with Gambos and Chibia facing severe problems due to scarcity of rain nearly every year.