Ghana's Largest Port Machinery Order is Won by ZPMC


Updated: 2017-09-13 08:23:56

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On August 22, the signing ceremony of the contract between ZPMC and Meridian Port Services Limited Ghana (MPS) was held at Tema Harbour. Under the contract, ZPMC will deliver seven shore cranes and transtainers to the port, with a total contract value of some USD 80 million. This is Ghana's largest port machinery purchase order ever.

MPS is a port service company established by the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority in association with Maersk and France's Bollore Group. The project is the second cooperation between ZPMC and Tema Harbour. Previously in 2005, ZPMC delivered three shore cranes and four tire cranes to Tema Harbour.

Located 30 kilometers east of Accra, capital of Ghana, with a shoreline of 2,196 meters, Tema Harbour has 12 key berths. As the largest port in Ghana and a major entrepot in West Africa, it undertakes more than 80 percent of Ghana's port logistics work. ZPMC has delivered 141 shore cranes and 215 transtainers to 27 African countries.