Chinese enterprises help build Dhaka out of traffic congestion

(By Belt and Road Portal)

Updated: 2017-09-14 08:27:34

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The three transport projects undertaken by Chinese construction companies in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, have recently kicked off one after another.

The projects -- an express bus system, an expressway to airport and an urban railway system -- are expected to improve the capital's traffic conditions.

The express bus system, built by China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation, will be the first of its kind in the city with nearly 14 million inhabitants and will improve overall traffic conditions in Dhaka. It is estimated that the system will on average carry about 20,000 passengers per hour during its operation.

The elevated expressway connecting the downtown and the airport is constructed by Sinohydro Corporation Limited, and is the first of its kind in the city. It will stretch from the main downtown area from south to north, connecting the airport with the Dhaka-Chittagong high-grade road. 

The light rail project in Dhaka is constructed by a joint venture of Sinohydro and Italian-Thai Development PCL. The maximum speed of the train on the light rail can reach 100 kilometers per hour. The project will be finished by 2024, and handle about half a million passenger trips a day.

The World Bank report shows Dhaka's average commuting speed dropping from 21 km an hour 10 years ago to the current 7 km per hour.

To solve the problem, the government of Bangladesh plans to build five light rails, two express bus lines, 1,200 kilometers of new roads, six overpasses and three ring roads in the capital city.